Work Visibility for Everyone

See how your work habits compare and make goals.

So much happening, in so many places, all around the clock— modern teams need tools focused on how we work together.

 Privacy Individuals Deserve 

 Alignment Teams Want 


Punch Provides Safe Work Visibility for People and Teams.

Punch measures anonymized activity habits in meetings, email, chat, video calls, etc. to focus on how we work best together.

Visibility on how we Meet, Talk, and Work together.


Get started Out-of-the-Box

Measure common interactions, proven to drive successful outcomes on teams.


Innovate your Team's Practices

Encourage custom practices that reflect your team's unique advantages.


Compare your Team to Others

Benchmark your team's practices against the rest of the Punch community.


No "Big Brothers" Allowed!

Punch aggregates and anonymizes team insights to protect the privacy of individuals.

The Punch Bowl Blog

Why do CEOs want to go back to the office?

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It Will Never be the Same, good!

Teams adopting modern practices today will have advantages tomorrow.


CEOs say the shift toward remote collaboration is enduring.

PwC CEO Panel Survey


Workers would like to continue to work remotely at least occasionally

IBM Institute of Business Value


Knowledge workers say they maintain or improve productivity working remote.



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Innovative practices are your main competitive advantage. Punch can help your team tool to outperform the competition in the flexible work age.