Best Practice Automation for Highly Effective Teams


Companies use Punch to design and promote practices proven to drive success. Positive workforce interactions have always been hard to scale- now even more so in the remote work age. Not anymore, with Punch!


Before Punch is available generally, we are working closely with a few select (100+ person) companies to run curated pilot programs at deep discounts.

No Big Brothers Allowed.

Punch aggregates and anonymizes workforce insights so your team can rest assured everyone's privacy is protected. Punch only enables individuals themselves to see their own detailed activity information.

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Why do CEOs want to go back to the office?

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Workforce Interactions Drive Successful Outcomes...

  • When your team prepares for customer meetings, more sales are won.
  • When your team’s internal interactions are efficient, more focus is on growth.
  • When knowledge is shared and mentoring is fostered, expertise is gained.
  • When more people have a voice, better ideas emerge.