See your work like never before 

Punch catalogs your collaboration activity to deliver you fresh insights on how your workday looks.

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Connect all your work apps to Punch

By connecting to your collaboration apps at work, Punch provides one place to track your activity across meetings, email, instant messages, and shared files.


Understand your workload in detail

In addition to the scheduled meetings on your calendar, Punch lets you view the details of the many small unplanned interactions like Slack conversations, editing in shared files, sorting through your inbox, and composing emails that are hard to quantify in your schedule.

Punch activity
Punch activity by time of day

Manage work/life integration

People's work and personal lives have blended together in ways nobody expected. By seeing when your work interactions occur, you can set your own boundaries and track them.

Be an attention aficionado  

Your attention is split across many competing types of activity at work. Now you can keep tabs on how much of your time is spent on each type from meetings to file sharing collaboration, and everything in between.

Punch activity chart by type

Add your own activities

For anything you want to track with the activities Punch captures automatically, a simple  /Punch log  Punchbot command lets you manually add an activity right from Slack.

Punch log activity